Three Reasons To Use Candle Sconces

Posted on: 17 January 2023

When you visit a lighting store to check out its inventory of wall sconces, you can expect to see lots of different styles. One design that may catch your eye is a candle sconce. Despite its name, this lighting fixture doesn't actually use a real candle. Instead, it's equipped with a lightbulb that is designed to look like a candle. A candle sconce can be a good addition to lots of homes, offering a unique style that can work well in several areas.

Here are some reasons that you may wish to buy one or more candle sconces for your home. 

Gentle Light Source

When you look at a selection of candle sconces, you'll often see that many of them have a gentler glow than other light fixtures. While the intensity of the light will depend on what type of candle-style bulb you use, you'll find that many of these bulbs are designed to not be as bright as other bulbs. This can be a good option if you're looking for a light fixture that will create a stylish vibe in your home, rather than be needed as a primary light source. For example, you might want one of these sconces in your bathroom. You can use the bathroom's main light fixture when you're getting ready in the morning, but rely on the gentle glow of the candle sconce during a relaxing bath in the evening.

Historic Look

Candle sconces tend to have a historic look, which can be good in any home that is decorated to have a vintage style. In such a residence, you want to stay away from any lighting fixture that looks modern. While candle sconces vary significantly in design, many of them offer a look that works well in any vintage-looking area. For example, some have a wrought iron-style design that mimics historic sconces that used actual candles.


If you're thinking about candle sconces, you might begin to consider whether you want to buy a special type of wall sconce that holds an actual candle — rather than a sconce that holds a candle-style bulb. The big issue with an actual candle is that it's not always safe. There's a possibility that it could fall out of its holder and start a fire in your home. A candle sconce will give you a candle look but will be perfectly safe to use.

Learn about candle sconces at your local home lighting store.